Guitar Lessons in Glasgow

Would you love to be able to play guitar but don’t know what to do or where to begin?

Have you taught yourself guitar for a while but become stuck at the same stage and unable to get better?

Have you become confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information in books and on the internet?

I know exactly how you feel because I was once in the very same position as you are right now. I know what it feels like to struggle away and wonder if you will ever be able to play guitar the way you want to. In fact… every guitarist in the world was once at the same stage as you are now – they had an image of how they wished they could play, but had no idea what to do to make it happen. Perhaps you have never had the opportunity to play an instrument before, and you have all sorts of doubts in your mind about whether you ever can play guitar or not. Or perhaps you used to play guitar but at some point life got in the way, and you’ve wanted to get back into it for years.

Many of my students have been in the same boat and faced the same difficulties and challenges as you, only to overcome them and reach goals they never thought possible. I’m so certain that I can help you become a confident guitar player that I am offering a free no obligation trial lesson to get you started. Even if you’ve never touched a guitar before, you will soon be amazing your friends and relatives when you play them your first song! Take the first step now: [maxbutton id=”1″]

10 ways I will ensure that you will make fast progress at playing guitar:

1. I will teach you the right things and in the correct order. I will not waste your time by confusing you or teaching you things that will not help you like most other music teachers will.

2. I will produce an individualised plan for you to get you from where you are now to where you want to be, in the shortest possible time.

3. I will identify and correct your bad habits as and when they arise, so that you don’t hit a wall you can’t move beyond.

4. I will provide you with a customised practice routine so that you know exactly what to work on each week. All you will need to do is follow my directions and you will be certain to improve every week.

5. I will be on hand to answer your questions even when you aren’t at lessons, so that when you have a problem you can get it resolved quickly and get back to enjoying your progress.

6. I will provide opportunities for you to play with other musicians. This is a wonderful experience to have and one of the best ways to keep your motivation and confidence high.

7. I will help you realise and develop your inner creativity (even if you feel you don’t have any!) so that you can write your own music and much more.

8. I will put you in touch with other guitarists who are at the same stage as you and who are working through the same challenges. Their support and encouragement will be invaluable to you and greatly speed up your progress.

9. I will help you to make recordings of your playing so that you can see and hear for yourself how much your skills are improving from month to month.

Maybe you’re still not sure if investing in guitar lessons will really be worth it. After all, it’s true that there is a lot of free guitar lesson stuff out there on the internet. But there are major problems with only using free resources on the internet, or books and magazines. An online video or article is intended for a general audience and has no knowledge of you, your goals, or your particular challenges. The internet cannot give you feedback. A book or magazine article cannot tell you what you are doing wrong and prescribe specific exercises to solve your individual problems. Note-for-note song DVD’s are designed to keep people in a state of dependence, and these DVD’s do not train you in the skills you need to be self-sufficient.

Even if ALL the information you will need was available for free (which it isn’t), how would you sort through it and determine which bits were relevant to you and which weren’t? Even assuming you could do this, how would you then know what order in which you were supposed to learn it all? You almost certainly couldn’t do all of these things by yourself, because you ‘don’t know’ what you don’t know. But more to the point, the ‘information’ is not really going to be your main issue. You need to be trained in how to use and apply information otherwise it will be completely useless to you. Does knowing the rules and strategies of football – the ‘information’ part – make you a footballer? Clearly not. The information part is simple to explain, but useless by itself. It’s the training and effective practicing of the core skills that accompanies the information that make a real difference. Only a guitar teacher can provide all these benefits and give you a complete learning experience.

These are just some of the reasons why most people who try to learn guitar by teaching themselves usually fail. People who think they have succeeded with this approach do not realise that they have generally taken far far longer to reach their current level than was ever necessary. This is because they have wasted so much time learning and re-learning things, and fighting through bad technique. The worst thing about it is that a lot of these people had the potential to be so much better than they are, but they don’t realise that they’ve wasted so much time struggling and trying to reinvent the wheel that their musical growth has been held back.

I don’t want this to be what happens to you. I strongly believe that with the right teaching, training and practice, anyone can become a competent guitar player, and I want to help you become the guitarist you have the potential to be. Contact me today for a free trial lesson and let me show you how easy and enjoyable it will be to learn guitar. If after the lesson you aren’t completely convinced that working with me will take years off the time it takes to learn guitar – as well as making the process enjoyable and stress-free – then you will be under absolutely no obligation to move forward. Let me prove to you that you can do it too. Click the button below now: [maxbutton id=”1″]